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Our mountain biking track

Nestled at the back of Willow Park in Papakaio is this epic mountain bike track engineered by Crosscut Construction. With a full 7.7 km loop and an inner kids loop you can find the right level of challenge, fun, and endurance for you. Check out the track details below and where to find us.


Track Team

We have an outstanding track team that put in hundreds of hours to ensure the track is in excellent condition for competition, community and school use throughout the year. The event wouldn't be a success without them. Thanks to Craig Isbister alongside Brent Stuart and his Crosscut Construcution team!

Our Location

Heading west on State Highway 83, go past Gray Road turnoff and travel approximately 1km and turn left down Willow Park driveway.
Heading East on State Highway 83 go past Horse Gully Road and travel around 2 km and turn right onto Willow Park driveway

8 hour loop

8 hour loop

Epic 7.7km loop to test agility, strength and speed! This track takes you from wide open pastures through forest tracks with a few tricky jumps and lines that will boost confidence on each run. 

Energy map

Energy Map

The 8 hour loop energy map gives rider an idea of intensity for those with moderate to high fitness. Some of us may see a lot more red! 

family loop

Family Loop

The Family loop is a 1.9km loop, over farm tracks and specially designed bike track. The track has been constructed with little wheels in mind, with a reasonable gravel/dirt surface and no really tricky bits. There is a wee hill to go up (about 18 metres of elevation for the technically minded) but kids can push their bikes up that bit if they need to.

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